Symmetra's Qualifying Matches is a visual novel set in the Overwatch universe. Play as Symmetra and choose how you will deal with your new gig in the recently reformed Overwatch program! 

Will you date your teammates? Will you stay on the payload? Will you teleport everyone off the map and throw all your games?

Experience up to three dating plotlines and payload's worth of side stories as you travel the world and complete ten different matches!

  • Ten different days!
  • This shit is G A Y A F.
  • This was a lot of work please like us.
  • Did we mention P A N S E X U A L I T Y?
  • Stay on the payload! Or don't. We don't care.


SALOMÃO BECKER - writing, programming

KJ MARTINET - writing, artwork



StatusIn development
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(27 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsDating Sim, Fangame, Female Protagonist, LGBT
Average sessionA few hours
LinksHomepage, Soundtrack


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AHHH this game was amazing. i chose junkrats route and my GODDDD i didnt think i could possibly love him even more!!!

This is really cute <3 I love everything about this, from the story to the art, I just fell in love with the game instantly. Everyone's personalities were spot on, and the romance was lovely! The shenanigans were hilarious, and Sombra's scenes just made my gay heart BURST. Thank you for this amazing game!

Heyyy, just finished my first playthrough, and it was so good! So like, first of all, I love the art style that you guys used. Not only was it pleasing to look at, but it really looks like y'all put in the effort to show diversity. That's a really refreshing breath of air, since a lot of dating sims tend to whitewash everyone. (But hhghgh I adore the art style. It isn't like anything I've ever seen before, but in the best way possible. Everyone seems really lifelike, but still cute af.) Also ajkdadbsk the art from the battle scenes were fucgkin hilarious

Second, the writing in this game was absolute gold my dude. It was the perfect mixture of "!!! im love" and memes. Again, the dialogue really made everyone seem real. Life is a big ole shitpost ('least mine is), and the game did an A+ job of representing that. 

Anyways, 29,000/10 I would die for this game thank you for letting me romance my junk boi and edgy wife

Hello! Thanks for the game, I really liked it! I want to ask a question. Do you plan to translate the game into other languages? Or negotiate with those who translate? It's just that I was from Russia and I was translating the game from my knowledge of the language. I would certainly like to play in the language that is convenient. And so, thank you very much, you are great!

This was very fun! Great work, and thank you for sharing your game with us.

Is it possible to get an installable version of this?

Hey! Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. Unfortunately, we don't have any plans for making an installable version of this. Sorry!

That's 2 bad. I'm unable to play the web version for some reason :(

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Pretty good game so far. Two nitpicks:

- The save cookie appears to be session-based, meaning saves are lost when the browser is closed (at least that's what happened on my browser).
- The proper translation for Widowmaker is "faiseuse de veuves" (though I guess Sombra is allowed to be bad at French).

Thanks for the feedback!

The save cookie is DEFINITELY session based, thanks for catching that. I missed that cause I'm the kind of person who never closes their dang browser. I think we legitimately got our translation by doing a very poor Google search, which is what we were going for with Sombra! But I get it, the difference, now that you've told me (I'm a native Portuguese speaker and it matches with our fazer vs fabricar).

This is honestly amazing, I can't believe how many inside community jokes you managed to fit in and still make it feel cohesive. Thanks for letting me live the dream and romance Junkrat;-; I've also thought about doing VN:s of universes tied to big brands but it feels scary that there's a risk they'll make you take it down when you've spent so much time on it. Do you guys think that's a valid concern, or do they just not care?

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Hi! I'm Sal, I wrote all the code and I co-wrote the story with KJ, the artist on the project.

Thanks for the kind words! It means a lot. As for taking a risk on big intellectual properties: yeah, it is scary. I honestly don't know if I'd do it again. It was easy to take this risk with Overwatch because of how explicitly supportive Blizzard has been of fan works. Making a fan game of a game is iffy, because that's when things can get a little risky. Our approach was this: we didn't use any in game assets that weren't being used in already big fan works; we did not make the game the same genre as Overwatch, making a VN of a VN, for example, is probably gonna draw bad attention; and we did not charge any money for our fan work. That being said, I'm just a programmer, and by no means super informed on any of this legal stuff, so a lot of it was us hoping for the best. Hope that's helpful?

P.S. We, too, are glad someone has finally been brave enough to allow everyone to date Junkrat.  

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Just to add on, since Sal beat me to replying while I was tracking down this video, I definitely think that is a valid concern that was more and more on my mind the longer we worked on this. (We started working on this project as a joke and thought it would take about 3 months, but we liked what we were making and just kept adding to it and it ended up taking about a year and a half.) Then, about halfway through working on the project this Wired video with Jeff Kaplan came out and where he literally said "What's fun about Overwatch and the characters is that they belong to you guys and you can do whatever you want with them." And having that super explicit endorsement of fanwork made me feel a lot more comfortable about the likeliness of us having any issues. 

So I guess my advice would be to try and find that for whatever you are thinking of making. See if you can figure out what is the creators' general stance toward fanwork is and go from there. If you're super worried, the Organization for Transformative Works, the parent organization of Archive of Our Own, has a legal committee and they can probably give you better advice than we can.


Thank you soo much guys for the long answers, I really appreciate it.

This is great!! I don't play overwatch but I do follow the fandom. I absolutely love all the little extra details in the artwork. The different poses, the way Pharah 'jets' away,  the CG art. Everything comes together so well!

Although I played on my phone and it didn't save game when I had to take a break. So I think this game is better played in one sitting. 

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Thanks for the review! We're actually surprised people can play on the phone at all, we didn't test it all there, and I'd bet that's why saving's broken on mobile. Our apologies!

If you don't mind me asking, who are you able to date/romance?

Sombra, Pharah, and Junkrat

Just wanted to leave a comment to say I really liked this! Everyone is obviously a little OOC, but in a way that feels lighthearted and pokes fun at fandom memes and perceptions. I also love the sweet, serious moments mixed in there too, you actually want to get together with her various love interests, something some actual dating sims don't accomplish. The artwork is also very nice and pleasing to look at. I also loved some of the humor and references (particularly WKTD, it's so rare I see other fans of that). Overall, for a game that was probably made on a low budget and mostly passion, it's very high quality. Nice job. 

P.S. How many "routes"/endings are there? I know that there are three main "routes" of the game and polyamory is allowed  to a degree (being that you could romance the three and none of time slots overlap with each other), but are there others? For example, could you decide to romance Lucio or wind up with none of the love interests and get a different ending? Or does that just give you a shorter party scene? Just curious about some of the options of the game.

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Hey! Thanks for the kind words! There are two additional endings revolving around your rank. If you correctly pick the option every day that lets you win the match (hint: stay on the payload), you'll get the grandmaster ending which has an additional cut scene and gift at the end. The same with the bronze ending, only you'll need to win no matches instead of all of them. So, it won't drastically change the ending, but there will be some additional illustrations and achievements.

Ok I enjoyed most of it.... but the fact that there's some lowkey shipping between Efi and Lucio is kiiiiiiiind of uncomfy, espescially considering she is eleven and he is twenty six.

Thanks for playing! No, there is no low key shipping between Efi and Lucio. They're definitely just friends.

Ah ok. I may have misinterpreted it. Apologies!